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Gloomy Moscow autumn, grey sky, sullen faces. There’s too little sunshine in this city, and not that many bright days during this season.

Don’t worry! We know how to make your life brighter! The unique beauty services with a true Baltic amber and golden hands of our specialists will add more colors to your daily routine. An individual approach gives each client positive emotions, and the most essential things as well: youth, beauty and health.

An amber kiss of the sun is what you need this rainy autumn and non-cosy winter. Our address: Vernadskogo Av., 16. Beauty and Youth Salon&SPA “Yantarniy”.


Beauty and Youth Salon&SPA “Yantarniy” offers its guests a wide range of different beauty services.

Cosmetology, SPA and massage with the use of natural Baltic amber are now available in Moscow. You won’t find anything like that anywhere in the Russian capital. Beauty and youth, created by the nature itself, are waiting for you just one minute away from Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station.



Acquaintance with Beauty and Youth Salon&SPA "Yantarniy"




Amber peel: enjoying the natural beauty

Peel treatment is a removal or a scrubbing of the old upper layer of your skin (epidermis). Yes, the skin also have to renewed from time to time. Peel is a very delicate procedure, it’s essential to be careful and attentive. Why not to try our new offer: amber peel? Warmed up by the sun, containing its healing energy the amber will help your skin to reveal its hidden features. This kind of peel is the most gentle and superficial, but the effect is truly impressive: it cleanses, calms down and improves not only active cells of epidermis, but the ones that are fading as well, as if rebooting them.


Peel with succinic acid stimulates the cells tissues on a biological level, and when  getting inside our body the amber itself:

  • normalizes cells breathing;
  • increases the biosynthesis of protein;
  • decreases the amount of free radicals;
  • improves the cells membranes;
  • protects the cells from negative impact of toxins;
  • provides a healing impact, along with cosmetological effects.


The influence of a facial amber peeling on epidermis:

  • activation of life processes of tissues;
  • removal of comedons, acne and sebum plugs;
  • multilevel rejuvenation;
  • smoothing the skin imperfections;
  • removal of cosmetics not visible with the eyes;
  • removal of toxins;
  • scrubbing the dead skin cells.


Amber is a gemstone that we all know since childhood. But not everyone knows about its wonderful features. If you make a cut on the conifer, you’ll see galipot appearing: it’s a thick resin that heals the cut and protects the tree. A hardened fossilized tree resin which is hundreds millions of years is the amber.

The amber was first used in the Ancient Egypt (for pharaohs mummification process), it’s considered to prevent jinxing. Medics recommend amber to people who have troubles with sleeping, thyroid, blood and musculoskeletal system disorders.

Amber is a hardened for over million years tree resin. The majority of amber (up to 90% of world reserves) is found in Kaliningrad region, the center of a large-scale mining of amber.

Scrubs and shampoos with amber powder, amber oil… It’s hard to enumerate everything that amber is generously giving us and is helping us with! It removes chemical waste from the body, prevent common cold, and of course, gives us desired beauty and youth.

The healing characteristics of amber:

  • increase of immunity;
  • succinic acid is a biostimulant;
  • positive impact of nervous system, it calms down, helps to focus;
  • impact on the circulatoty system, decrease of blood pressure;
  • preventing of kidney and bladder stones;
  • amber powder is healing cracked heels, it’s a natural antiseptic.

Succinic acid (vitamin D3) is widely used in chemical, cosmetological and fragrance industry (for example, when producing toothpaste).

The mechanism of amber impact on the human body:

Amber is a soft amorphous mineral, its atoms are unstable in the crystallographic lattice. It has been already discovered in the Ancient Greece that amber could electrify immediately. Micro parts of hardened tree resin (when coming in contact with the skin) can enrich it with unique and useful features.

Amber consists of:

  • oxygen (O) up to 8.5%;
  • hydrogen (H) up to 10.5%
  • carbon (C) 79%.

The amount of succinic acid in amber ranges from 3.2% to 8.5%, other tree resins don’t have it at all. There are also such impurities in the stone as iron, sulfur, aluminum, nitrogen, silicon, magnesium, calcium, manganese, sodium, bromine, iodine and other microelements. Their amount is relatively low, sometimes less than a tenth or a hinderedth of percent, but the healing effect they provide is actually amazing!

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